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  • High Performance and Medium Performance Pyrolytic Reflective Low-E and Tinted Float glasses manufactured by Pilkington North America (PNA), U.S.A.
  • High-Performance Sputter Coated glasses manufactured by Pilkington Europe (U.K., Germany, Sweden).
  • Sputter Coated Reflective, Solar, Low-E and High-Performance Sputtered Double Silver Coated Low-E glasses manufactured by Pilkington Shanghai.
  • High Performance Sputtered Triple and Double Silver Coated Low-E glasses manufactured by Cardinal USA.
  • High-Performance Sputter Coated glasses manufactured by Viracon U.S.A.
  • High-Performance Sputter Coated glasses manufactured by Glastrosch.
  • Decorative glasses manufactured by Omnidecor, Italy.
  • Reflective Pyrolytic coated glasses manufactured by Taiwan Glass Ind.

We maintain a good stock of all above products in our two Jebel Ali facilities. These glasses come in the form of Annealed Stock Sheets in the size of 214 x 330 cms, 244 x 330 cms and 518 x 330 cms (optional), which can be cut to size, laminated, heat-strengthened, tempered and double glazed etc. locally.

Please be advised that we are also the agent and distributor of RP Technik profile systems from RP Technik Germany, Pilkington fire rated glass and Bullet Resistant glass. Our special application products cover the following:

We are also the sole agent of ALFREX Non-Combustible Aluminium NonCombustible Panels.

  • Pilkington Fire Rated Glass:
    • Pyrostop Integrity and Insulation products: EI30, EI60, EI90 and EI120 minutes (for internal application only; EI30 – EI90 for doors and screens/partitions/EI120 for/partitions).
    • Pyroclear Integrity products: E30 and E60 (internal and external application; for doors and screens/partitions)
    • Pyrodur Integrity products: E30 and E60 (internal and external application).
  • RP Technik steel mill finish system / stainless steel system, non-fabricated steel profiles for fire rated (E and EI 30 up to 120), bullet resistant and non-fire rated doors, windows, partitions, and façade systems.
  • Bullet Resistant Glass:
    • For Class of resistance, BR1 to BR7 ACC. to EN1063


Pilkington—First in Glass
Part of the NSG group, Pilkington provides the broadest range of glass products available in the world today. Continuous product innovation ensures the development of the most appropriate products for North America and the global marketplace. The role of glass in reducing the energy consumption needs and greenhouse gas emissions of buildings, plus the growing impact of daylight on productivity is helping to shape our architectural environment. Pilkington is committed to being at the forefront of these developments.

Cardinal Advanced LoE Products for Architectural Glass Set the Standard
Cardinal Glass Industries is considered one of the world’s leading providers of superior quality glass products. Cardinal Corp. manufactures the most advanced low emissivity coatings, using quality components and producing finished insulating glass products that are used in top-of-the-line buildings around the world.
Viracon-Great Buildings Deserve Great Glass
Viracon is a leading single-source architectural glass fabricator. We partner with best-in-class architecture firms and glazing contractors to provide great buildings with great glass – glass that inspires and turns buildings into icons.
SYP—Providing Professional Glass Solutions For Your Architecture
SYP Glass is one of the very few world class ‘one-stop’ vertically integrated providers of architectural glass. SYP Glass provides its clients with a complete range of commercial glass products including float, reflective and Low-E glass. SYP is acknowledged worldwide for quality and performance as seen in many of today’s most recognizable buildings. Today’s designers look to SYP Glass as their “glass solution” for assistance with design criteria, aesthetics, building codes, budgets, energy performance, environmental analyses, design reviews and static load.
RP Technik—Functional Transparency: Design Oriented & Individual
RP Technik belongs to the Welser Profile Group. The product range spans from rainproof facade systems, over systems for heat, fire, smoke, and noise protection, to an extensive application for anti-vandalism and bullet resistance.
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